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Introducing VIRTUE Flourish

Powered by Alpha Keratin 60ku CLINICAL, A ground-breaking keratin complex like nothing the world has seen before!

The Flourish Approach

Scalp Fertility – Fiber Survival – Beauty Now

Did you know that 40% of women will experience hair loss by the time they’re 40? This is likely a conversation you’ve had with your clients––and now we have something revolutionary that can change that.

Flourish® by Virtue® is the first-and-only hair regrowth treatment for women with a powerful protein combo you won’t find anywhere else. With two different regimens to choose from, Flourish® purifies the follicles, nourishes the microbiome, and creates fertile ground for healthy growth. As each new hair emerges, it’s nourished and strengthened so it can survive and thrive.

LEARN which regimen is right for you! (click FLOURISH in the top menu)

DOWNLOAD the Flourish Brochure

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