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Appointment update for April 1, 2020


For now, I've RE-BOOKED existing appointments up til APRIL 30, with hopes of starting back Friday, May 1. If you've had an appointment during APRIL, Please LOG IN to your account at to see if the new date and time works, or contact me directly at 773 575 5494 for assistance. Please UPDATE your account password if needed. Since our state quarantine updates are day by day, I'll update the schedule as needed in the future. I'm apologizing ahead for this, but I'd please ask for some flexibility and understanding. I have added some extra days after 5/1 to hopefully accommodate everyone who's been displaced.

Thank you for your understanding & patience...

and together, we'll all get through this.

If you have ANY questions or concerns, please CALL or TEXT me at 773 575 5494 or email me at


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