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I'm so thrilled you found me!
I want to make your first experience at my suite go as smoothly — and beautifully — as possible!
I hope you find my ONLINE BOOKING SITE intuitive and convenient.

If you're comfortable with this, please start there to see my complete list of services available.
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If you'd like more direction as to which services are needed,
please email me directly at so I can learn about your hair goals.
After you make your appointment, I'll double check that the date, time, and service choice make the most sense for your hair needs, and we will make it a HAIR date!
​The day of your appointment, please respond to my CHECK-IN text when you arrive at 100 East Walton (I'm  a  few steps down from street level, and right next to Gaylord's Indian restaurant) and I'll meet you at the outside front door.
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Salon Close up 10-2016.jpg
After I greet you at the outside front door, I'll escort you to my suite where we'll discuss not only the details of your first visit, but also a long-term plan to ensure all of your hair goals are met.
We've got Wi-Fi, sparkling water, coffee, delicious hot seasonal beverages, wine, coffee cocktails, fancy chocolates, ipad magazines, phone chargers, and more to keep you comfortable as your hair processes. You can even choose the music during your visit! 
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Workshop Daniel Slaon_ Daniel Paterno_6-2020-3_edited.jpg
We will finish our service with a little styling lesson. I'll recommend at home styling care to recreate and maintain your look at home, and we'll set you up for your next maintenance appointment.
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